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Alexarya Foundation work with grassroots initiatives for effecting positive changes in the lives of underprivileged children, their families and communities. Millions of children in India are being a denied a chance at a happy & dignified childhood, mainly because of who they are and where they are born. Save the Children works to bring this injustice to an end.

Your donation will add to the fund that runs child education, protection and health programs across India. These programs are funded by thousands of donors such as you.

Events Gallery

International Seafarers’ Day Celebration
Seafarers Day Inauguration-Alexarya Foundation
Seafarers Day Celebration -Alexarya Foundation
Launching of MedSea – Free Medical Facilities for Seafarers
Launch of MedSea-01 - Alexarya Foundation
Launch of MedSea - Alexarya Foundation

Our Causes

Education for All
Women Empowerment
Medical & Healthcare
Animal Cruelty

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