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MedSea – A Medical Facility for the Seafarers Worldwide

Launch of MedSea on International Seafarers’ Day

Know More about MedSea

Ans. MedSea is an Initiative of Alexarya Foundation “A Rescue and support Charitable organization” .The MedSea is a facility for the Welfare of the Seafarers worldwide.  It is a publicly funded Medicare scheme for those who are Seamen & their eligible dependents, and will provide medical care through Empaneled Polyclinics ,Diagnostic Centers & Hospitals across the globe. Which is listed on the web link . Treatment/hospitalization in Service Hospitals will be available to all MedSea Members through Alexarya Foundation membership Card , The Facility is subject to the availability of specialist, medical staff and bed space in the empanelled medical Facilities.

Ans. This medical facility is for Seaman and their dependent Only, who have served as Seaman at any Rank with Minimum of 48 Month in International waters.

Ans. Online Application Forms are available on website

Ans. MedSea provides medical coverage/Reimbursement to the Seaman and their dependents in the established polyclinic/hospitals/empaneled hospitals across the Globe. The MedSea Facilitate the Medical Reimbursement of 60% of the total Medical Expenses and free Medical Checkup in Empaneled Hospitals/Polyclinics.

Ans. MedSea facilitates medical Reimbursement within 60 Days from the date of Receipt of Application form along with the copies of the Medical receipt and details mentioned in the application form. The application will be scrutinized and verified from the concerned Hospital and other details from the respective offices. Once found satisfactory the amount will be directly credited to the account of the applicant provided in the application.

Ans. Yes, you can apply by submitting a recommendation letter from the school Principal. You will receive a Temporary MedSea Member Ship Card Valid for 5 Years. which will enable you to get 25% Medical Reimbursement of the total Medical Receipt and Free Medical Checkup at Empaneled Hospital/Polyclinic. .Once you complete the eligibility Period of 48 Month Sea Service then you can submit a fresh application to get full benefits of MedSea.

Ans. Yes you can enroll your wife /Children and parents too. To enroll them in MedSea. Your own MedSea Membership Card should also be attached along with the proof of your relationship and Residence.

Ans. Yes, MedSea Membship Card cover along with his/her dependent family member but membership need to be applied separately by attaching the your own membership Card.

Ans. The List of Empaneled Hospital/Polyclinics & Diagnostic Centre can be found on the website: and by clicking the MedSea Health Procedure of Membership of MedSea.

Procedure of Membership of MedSea

  1. Become a Member of Alexarya Foundation online through the weblink
  2. Complete the online registration for Alexarya Foundation membership.
  3. Within 24 Hr you will receive the membership Card Number.
  4. Upon Receipt of the Alexarya Foundation Membership Card Number you Can submit the application for becoming Temporary/Life Time MedSea Membership by clicking on to the MedSea Membership Button and follow the Instruction.
  5. Once the application is completed with the attachment please click on to submit.
  6. You will receive a reference number of Application submission to follow up with the status of MedSea Membership.
  7. Upon Receipt of the Completed application, the Record official will verify the details & approve the membership.
  8. From the Date of receipt of the completed application it will take maximum 30 days to approve the membership. In Case of any details needed from the applicant they will be informed accordingly.
  9. Upon approval of the MedSea Membership the card number will be sent on Phone and E.mail provided.
  10. The Original Membership Card for both Alexarya Foundation & MedSea will be sent separately on to the given address in the application form.

Documents & Details to be attached in the MedSea Application Form:

  1. Alexarya Foundation Membership Number
  2. Valid Residence Proof
  3. Valid National Identity Proof.
  4. Employment Letter from the Company
  5. Valid Seaman Record Book /Competency
  6. Recommendation Letter from Maritime School Principal(for temporary Membership)
  7. Seaman Indos. Number (in Case of Indian National)
  8. Proof of Relationship (in Case of Dependent)
  9. Online Fee of $20 US.

Note: To apply for Medical Reimbursement you need to submit the completed application form online along with the details as mentioned in the form.

For more Details Please do not hesitate to contact us on:


Physical Address:
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S.C.O: 318, Sector 38 D Chandigarh (U.T.)-India
Phone: 0091-172-5025842

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Phone: +66-66 143 4666

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